We’re Hiring (Remote) Content Interns!

About the Job

They say “content is king”, and at Baopals we’re committed to putting out fun, informative, and relevant content that helps our users discover the best (and sometimes the craziest) products out there.

We curate products and sellers throughout the platform, our blog, and various social media channels. Thus, we are looking for talented content writers and/or those with an eye for awesome products!

We understand it's a crazy time right now, so we are looking for interns that are willing to work remotely. We prefer that you that live in Shanghai as that is where our company is based, but are happy to consider strong candidates from all over the world.

Why Intern At Baopals?

  • Go behind the scenes at one of China’s fastest growing Internet startups
  • Work alongside a young, diverse, and talented team as they break new ground in the e-commerce industry
  • Gain valuable experience (and have fun!) while helping an ambitious new company establish itself as a global brand
  • Work flexibly and independently to achieve results on your own terms
  • Have the opportunity to develop a long-term working relationship with Baopals

Job Responsibilities

  • Contribute to Baopals’ content on various channels via product/seller selection, article writing and/or design
  • Analyze customer shopping habits and provide insights to keep Baopals content relevant and timely
  • Work closely with the marketing team to increase Baopals’ brand awareness through online and offline campaigns
  • Develop and experiment with your own content initiatives


  • Organized, detail-oriented and able to meet deadlines
  • Excellent English-writing skills, with a strong grasp of spelling, grammar, punctuation and style (being able to write humorously is a plus!)
  • Experience in maintaining and creating content for a blog or website
  • Familiarity with trending products and popular brands, and an ability to consistently generate engaging content ideas
  • Experience with working across multiple social media platforms (i.e Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, YouTube, etc)
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop or other image editing software
  • Proficiency in Mandarin writing, reading and speaking not required, but would be a plus

The Team

We’re a young, easy-going and hard-working mix of westerners and Chinese who share a passion for solving big problems. We work flexibly, communicate openly, and do things quickly. And best of all, we have happy hour every Friday!

How do I apply?

Simply email hello@baopals.com with your self-introduction, CV, and availability.

Every participant will receive an internship completion certificate and a personalized recommendation signed by the co-founders of Baopals.


Here's what some of what our former interns have had to say about working with us:

Interning at Baopals has definitely given me valuable experiences in many ways. I’m still not sure what my future job will be, but this internship has also opened up more interest for me in content design. It’s a great workplace with a bright future.

-Lisa, Sweden

I have ALWAYS wanted to write articles but never did out of nervousness and laziness but Baopals whipped me into shape... I also wanted to improve my writing and what better way than putting it out there for EVERYONE to read. It helped to build my confidence and pushed me to become better.

-Mitchell, USA

Compared to many other companies, Baopals gives a lot more freedom and opportunities to its interns. Rather than printing documents and making coffee, I actually was given substantial work that was eventually published on the Baopals platform in one way or another.

-Cindy, China

This internship gave me good insight into the daily life of a startup, which will be really valuable for me. I now have good knowledge of how a marketing campaign works in reality, because until now I only had theoretical lessons on it. I’d say that in general I will now be much more comfortable with everything related to the professional life.

- Sylvain, France

As my first internship, Baopals taught me valuable lessons about what it's like to work at a startup. I had a lot of creative freedom with the content I produced, and my supervisors always kept me busy with meaningful tasks. I also learned a lot about the backend, web design, and content publishing!

-Evelyn, China

Doing an internship at Baopals allowed me to become confident in my own creative writing ability, and because of this I would now love to pursue a career in a similar field! I’ve heard so many horror stories of internships but interning at Baopals surpassed all my expectations. It was so relaxed, they allowed me to create content that I was interested in.

-Amy, UK