5 Delicious DIY Snackboxes

When the urge to snack strikes, try pulling out one of these unique snack boxes with a variety of flavors instead of the usual bag of chips.

DIY: Upgrade Your Sneakers

Turn plain sneakers into something awesome with some paint, embellishments and kickass shoelaces.

DIY: Weave Your Way Through Winter

Are you spending more time indoors these days as the weather starts to cool down? Knit or crochet something warm and fuzzy!

DIY: Let Your Garden Grow

Add some green to your life and grow your very own garden from the ground up! Or, buy a plant and do your very best to keep it alive. The choice

Creative & Therapeutic DIY Kits

Hand make your own scented soap, paint a masterpiece and embroider a pretty design with these kits that include everything you need to get started.

DIY: Make Your Own Yogurt

Enjoy your own homemade yogurt on its own, topped or mixed with fresh or canned fruit, nuts and just about anything else you might find delicious.

DIY: Brew Your Own Beer At Home

We've got everything you need to start brewing your own beer right here, from brew kits to beer recipes to customizable bottles!