Shopping Tips

The New After Sales Service

We've streamlined the process to make it easier for you to contact the Baopals team if you have any comments or concerns about your order.

How to Specify Product Choice

Some products on Baopals may require a bit more attention when placing an order. You can now go to our handy Request Form to let us know all the details!

Direct Deliveries

When shopping on Baopals, all of your purchased items are shipped directly from the Taobao and Tmall sellers to your shipping address.

Follow the Breadcrumbs!

Following Baopals breadcrumbs are another useful way to find products, especially when searches aren't yielding the right results, or enough of them.

Product Returns and Refunds

While the concept of product returns/refunds can be daunting in China, here at Baopals we do our best to make returns/refunds an effortless experience.

Finding English Video Games

There are thousands of awesome video games on Baopals, but most are Chinese-language editions. With some handy filters, you can tell Baopals to show you only the English versions. Jackpot!