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Baopals Clothing Sizes

Baopals is here to show you how to find great clothes with a great fit. Follow these steps and before long you’ll be able to stock your wardrobe without breaking the

Baopals Year 2: By the Numbers

March 1st, 2018 marks two whole years of Baopals servicing the expat market in China, and we’ve learned a thing or two about our dear customers. Thanks for being part of

Welcome to Baopals!

Baopals is Taobao and Tmall for the rest of us. We have unlocked the gates to the world’s largest online marketplace, with over 800 million products to choose from.

Baopals Year 1: By the Numbers

Baopals was launched exactly one year ago today. We've poured through our data to uncover some fun insights about our beloved customers. Thank you all for your continuing support!

5 Phrases To Use With Couriers

Here are 5 useful phrases - with Chinese and pinyin - that you can use to help improve communication between you and the delivery man or woman.