The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 10th Edition

Heroes & Alter-Egos Framed Painting Prints


Coming off the joyride that was Captain America: Civil War, these belong on your walls. They've got Batman and Superman as well, for those who enjoyed Batman v Superman... *crickets*


Cute USB Flash Drives

From ¥25

Seller Xueyan has a great collection of cute USB sticks so you can sprinkle a little joy in the transfer of work files to colleagues.


Space Cop Kids Three-Wheeled Scooter

From ¥320.90

Please make an adult-sized version for living out Jean-Claude Van Damme action hero cop fantasies.


MLILY Memory Foam Mattress


Says Baopals cofounder Jay, "I got the 5cm king size and it might be the best ¥500 I've ever spent. All these years sleeping on a rock that doubled as a mattress - now I sink down into my new cushy bed and wonder what took me so long."

Simple Household Dustpan & Broom Set


¥25 to give yourself (or your ayi, let's be honest) proper household cleaning supplies seems like a no-brainer to us.


Men's Boxer Briefs


Marks & Spencer sells boxer briefs for about ¥200 each. It's madness! We love your crunchy peanut butter, M&S, but if we're spending ¥200 on boxer briefs they ought to give us superpowers down there.


Foreplay Dice Game


It's all fun and games until your boss brings this out at the company teambuilding event. 


"Pull My Finger Willy" Fart Guy


Judging by the ratings, this probably doesn't work. But the product images are good for a few giggles.


The Elizabeth Guilt Cushion