The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 100th Edition

It's finally come to the 100th edition of The CCC! Here are some of our top hits and weirdest finds over the past 100 weeks. And to celebrate the amazing magic and intrigue of this series, we are giving away one product from each category (The Cool, The Cheap, The Crazy) to 3 lucky winners!

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Thanks for all of the support and love times 100!

The Face Mug


A mug with a compartment for snacks makes for a great gift, the kind that you end up keeping for yourself.
- From CCC #27

How are you gonna catch 'em all if you don't have any power?
- From CCC #35

Aspire to greatness with art prints that appeal to the crime-fighting bad ass within all of us.
- From CCC #45

Decompression Pen

From ¥45.80

Long gone are the days of absentmindedly chewing pens to oblivion. Give this fellow a squeeze, bend or spin to relieve tension, stress or boredom.
- From CCC #57

Now you can honestly tell your friends that you only had one glass of wine before bed.
- From CCC #66

Back in the day, kids played with rocks. Now they can play with a remote controlled quadcopter!
- From CCC #85

It's time for wine.
- From CCC #30

This paint will take your nighttime streaking habit to the next level.
- From CCC #33

Like nuts? This tiny acorn speaker can be hung on your bike, a tree or backpack for music on the go!
- From CCC #42

Ballin' on a budget...literally.
- From CCC #53

Underwear With Pockets


You will never need to wear any other article of clothing again. Find the male version here.
- From CCC #77

Electronic Piggy Bank

From ¥34.25

This piggy bank will calculate just how much money you have in spare change. Save up to buy yourself something nice.
- From CCC #87

The Boyfriend Pillow

From ¥41.60

Warning: Your next boyfriend might not measure up to the standard set by the boyfriend pillow.
- From CCC #3

Baby Mop Onesie


Because it's never too early to teach your infant about household cleaning.
- From CCC #4

PM2.5 Nose Mask


You’ll not only be turning heads with this chic facial accessory, but you’ll also be living a healthier, better you… as long as you remember to only breathe through your nose.
- From CCC #20

Pig Brain


Pigs are one of the most intelligent mammals, and now you can absorb their powers Kirby-style by indulging in some tasty pig brain.
- From CCC #26

Scream Silencer


Release your pent up anger and frustration in a healthy way.
- From CCC #50

Keanu Reeves Pillow

From ¥32.15

And just when you thought things couldn't get any better...behold! A Keanu Reeves pillow.
- From CCC #82

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