The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 101st Edition

This notebook will respond to your touch immediately. Now if only the ladies would do the same...

Bouncy Baby Swing

From ¥426.95

We're still waiting for the day that they make them for adults!

Hidden Book Flask


When you want to look like a scholar but you're really just an alcoholic.

Now you can finally bring your landline phone with you wherever you go!

COME Pop-Up Tent


A fair weather day is the perfect opportunity to take your portable tent to a local park and catch some breezy, relaxing Z's in the sunshine.

Wooden Headphone Stand

From ¥21.44

Whether you're at a cafe, the office or your personal game room at home, a headphone stand provides a sleek, organized way to store your headphones.

Garters For Men


Functional, with a touch of sexy.

Household Chores Robot


He will do your laundry, wash the dishes, cook dinner and babysit your kids! But we can't guarantee he will ever learn to love you.

Underwater Sonar Drone


Capture humpback whales in crystal clear video quality, or take it to the local polluted pond to film the fish that has 3 eyes and an extra fin growing out of its stomach.

Fiiiiish Realistic Fish Pens


Something is fishy about these pens...

Submitted by Jessica K., Shanghai

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