The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 23rd Edition

HD 3D Mini Projector


Meet the Puridea Mini Projector: Fantastic build quality, runs quietly, clean operating system. At only 0.4 pounds and 7.5cm by 3.5cm, the projector is extremely compact and portable. The LED bulb lasts an astounding 20,000 hours, and it's iOS and Android compatible. Entertainment anytime, anywhere.

Giant Octopus Kite


Step 1. Purchase 3000 Giant Octopus Kites.

Step 2. Release them upon your city.

Step 3. Watch panic of Orwellian proportions ensue.

Scooter Suitcase


Maybe just skip the flight altogether and scoot directly to your destination.



Capture every moment with the new, compact INSTAX Mini 8 camera. Features include automatic exposure measurement, viewfinding, framing, and much more. Get the perfect photo instantly every time. Tip: Be sure to check out the product images for package info.

10 Cans of Tuna


Healthy, delicious and cheap. The perfect trifecta in 10 cans.

Chuang Zhao Jewelry Rack


Chuang Zhao makes a variety of stylish jewelry racks. Find the perfect one to display your treasures at an unbeatable price.

The Head Re-Fresher


Your head may be fresh, but that’s not good enough. Refresh it again with this Japanese Head Refresher.

White Tiger Gatlin Airsoft Gun

From ¥131.90

Lay waste to friend and foe alike by spewing airsoft rounds out of a white tiger's mouth. This baby purrs.

Chin Rester 3000


Tired of keeping your chin up? Then the Chin Rester 3000 was made for you. With its elaborate, cutting edge pulley systems, you can quickly reel your chin up to a level that will emanate confidence and professionalism.