The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 30th Edition

Portable Beer Pong Table


What's better than playing beer pong? Playing beer pong wherever you want.

Shark Beanbag Chair


The most snappy beanbag chair ever. Available in green, pink, yellow and more.

Art Set


Buy this for an awesome kid, or buy it for yourself and be an awesome kid again.

iPhone Mirror Case

From ¥20.08

This iPhone case doubles as a mirror, useful for checking yourself out or spying on people standing behind you.

French Red Wine, 6 Bottles


It's time for wine.

Charm Necklace


These cute necklaces come with a variety of charming charms to choose from and are oh-so-cheap.

Dog Language Translator


Finally, you can understand Fido. Translations include "I want to play" and "I want to pee".

"Viagra" Shorts


These shorts claim to give you sexual superpowers and may or may not detect crimes that are about to occur up to a 5km distance by triggering arousal.

Poo Poo Lollipops


Don't be fooled by its crappy appearance, this lollipop will get you places in life.