The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 31st Edition

3D Animal Mugs


Choose from a giraffe, zebra, camel and over fifteen other animals with these cleverly designed mugs.

Food Beach Towels


Attract the attention of passersby with your hot beach bod or those who mistook you for a giant donut.

Kids Tricycles


Put out fires or make some arrests on the schoolyard with these themed tricycles.

Nude Sticky Bra

From ¥18.40

Product images include a picture of this nude sticky bra holding up a watermelon while water is poured over it, so we can only assume that it will cover your melons through thick and thin as well.

Full-Body Mirror With Wheels

From ¥39.50

Take some time for personal reflection with this practical, portable mirror.

Combat Boots

From ¥142.40

People in the Baopals office have been raving about these boots, which we hear have been made for walking.

Steering Wheel Table


Over 10,000 have been sold, which explains a lot about how people drive in China.

Cat Shower Mask

From ¥20.60

As if your cat wasn't already plotting to murder you.

Dried Snake


Your very own dry snake! Bathe with it, soak it in baijiu...just have fun.