The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 33rd Edition

Framed City Maps

From ¥195.95

While most wall art city maps only cover major metropolitan cities, these maps show lesser known Chinese cities some love. Niu bi.

Bear Neck Pillow


A modern take on the stuffed bear you used to have as a kid, as it can now turn into something more useful: a pillow for napping.

Dali Melting Clock


Perhaps Dali's most recognizable work, you can now bring the melting clock from The Persistence of Memory right into your very own home for a perma-trippin' vibe.

3D Birthday Card


"I didn't get you a gift, but I did get you this awesome card."

Glow In The Dark Party Paint

From ¥13.15

This paint will take your nighttime streaking habit to the next level.

Shoe Rack & Seat

From ¥34.25

This thingamajig provides your shoes and your hiney a place to rest after a long day at the office.



Who is Bun and what does he have to offer? With that kind of price tag, it's got to be good.

Funeral Pyre

From ¥16.40

It's about to get smokin' hot in here.

Organic Enema


Don't worry, there is little to no risk involved. It's organic!