The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 35th Edition

Chocolate Solar System


Everything is chocolate, especially Uranus.

Personal Bubble

From ¥18.50

Perfect for a quick game of football or deflecting others while on the metro.

Pokéball Power Bank


How are you gonna catch 'em all if you don't have any power?

Clothes-Drying Line With Clips


Stretch and clip your way to dry clothes this season.

Thick Winter Scarf


Stay toasty with a scarf that can be unfolded into a shawl or mini superhero cape.

Toilet Paper Holder With Stand


It's business time.



Behead your enemies and start a revolution with your very own guillotine!

Lifelike Toy Models

From ¥194.90

Send in a photo of you and your beau for a pair of lifelike models to watch over you while you sleep. Some might ask "Why?" but here at Baopals we ask "Why not?"

Metallic Bedazzled Horse

From ¥6,885.50

When you look at yourself reflected in a thousand pieces on the body of an enormous horse you will know you made the right decision.