The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 38th Edition

iPhone Lighter


The next best thing to having an actual iPhone.

Mini Heat Fan


These adorable mini heaters provide a small concentrated source of heat that you can target at your hands, feet or any other chilly body parts.

Plush Bear Speaker

From ¥152.90

This cute friend will never complain about your music choice, because it can't talk.

Electronic Cord Covers

From ¥18.40

Spongebob, Totoro, Captain America and more available.

Window Insulation Adhesive Strip


Helps protect against blustery winds and noisy neighbors.

Soft Toilet Seat Cover


Do you dread sitting on that ice cold toilet seat in the morning? Here is the solution.

Face-Lift Device


This contraption is believed to increase collagen production and tighten/brighten your skin. We also suspect that if you spin around fast enough you will be propelled into the air.

Fake Divorce Certificate


The fun prank gift that might result in a real divorce certificate.

Fart Filtering Underwear


Got gas? This underwear is specially designed to block the smell of any unwanted flatulence. It's like your own personal dutch oven!