The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 40th Edition

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

From ¥57.39

Nobody will notice that your wine is from December 2016 if you open it with a nifty electric wine bottle opener.

Ceiling Lilypad Lamps

From ¥195.53

Now your apartment will be one step closer to being a surrealist painting.

Cat Cat Bed

From ¥71.80

As if your cat didn't already think it was the king of the jungle.

Mini Hand Drums

From ¥302

These drums make beautiful sounds and fit right in the palm of your hand. They ain't half bad to look at either.

Stackable Plastic Drawers

From ¥24.80

Stacks on stacks on stacks.

Cycling Headband


It keeps your head warm while you are biking and fits comfortably under a helmet. (You do wear a helmet, don't you?)

Fiberglass Walrus Chair

From ¥12,398

Don't sit on this chair too long or you might get polaroids.

Fishing Vessel


Something seems a bit...fishy.

Duck Toaster


It's the snack that quacks back!

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