The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 41st Edition

Un-Spillable Thermos


A strong suction cup attached to the bottom of this thermos leaves you and all your valuables high and dry. We're not sure why you'd ever want to stick it on your laptop, but we're impressed nonetheless.

Portable Horn Thermos

From ¥215.90

Feeling horny? This sweet portable coffee/tea thermos can be slung over your shoulder while on the go, or stand on its own with a detachable base.

Currency Toilet Paper


This is how you know you've finally made it.

Handheld Mini Luggage Scale


Avoid an unpleasant situation while checking in for your flight with this handy luggage scale.

Worker Ants Party Picks


These are the kind of ants that anyone would gladly welcome into their home.

Boiled Egg Timer


This cute little round friend is eggsactly what you need in the kitchen.

Hairy Chest Shirt


It's the shirt that'll put a little hair on your chest.

No Smoking/Drinking Pillows


These pillows are sure to be the life of the party!

Defecating Dog Lamp


Was it God that said, "Let there be light!" ...or was it Dog?

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