The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 42nd Edition

Plant Pens


Sick of all your pens going missing in the office? Get yourself a fine crop of pens disguised as plants this winter.

Multi-Function Tool iPhone Case


The Swiss Army Knife of phone cases. Take it camping, river rafting, to the club...the possibilities are endless!

Leaf Thermometer


This heat-sensitive leaf will change colors depending on the temperature of the room. You might as well just delete the Weather app off your phone right now.

Succulent Hooks


A fun succulent to add to your home, minus the risk of getting poked or the responsibility of keeping it alive.

Portable Acorn Speaker


Like nuts? This tiny acorn speaker can be hung on your bike, a tree or backpack for music on the go!

RIPNDIP Cat iPhone Case


Such a cute little kitty cat! Wait a second...

IQ Increasing Text Message


With over 50,000 sold on Taobao, purchase this service and the seller will send you a personalized text message guaranteed to increase your IQ. The real genius is the person who thought of this idea and got that many people to pay for it.

Dog Hair Dye


We all know dogs are man's (or woman's) best friend, but now it's time to explore the potential of dogs to be man's (or woman's) best fashion accessory.

Authentic Picasso Painting


Wow! A guaranteed authentic genuine 100% real Picasso painting. You heard about it here first!

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