The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 44th Edition

U-Shaped Pillow & Hood


Perfect for letting people know "I'm sleeping and possibly a Sith Lord, so leave me alone."

Unicorn Piñata


It's a unicorn that you fill with candy and then beat up with a stick. Perfect for your next party!

DIY Music Box

From ¥173.90

Mark out different notes on specially formatted paper and this magical music box will play the song you have created!

Soft Leather Notebook & Pen

From ¥21.44

You'll look super cultured writing in your leatherbound notebook. Just don't let anyone find out you're only doodling in there.

Cute Animal Ring

From ¥28.79

Choose from a hedgehog, fox, bulldog and more. Buy 'em in bulk for your own little jewelry menagerie.

Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese, 85g


Best sprinkled liberally all over your body after a roll around in some marinara sauce.

Party Animal Greg

From ¥730.40

Feed him three times a day and don't forget to change his diapers.

Animal Riding Pants


Better than calling an Uber.

Harmless Plastic Vegetables


These plastic vegetables are just absurd. They don't appear to have any practical use whatsoever.