The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 45th Edition

McDonald's Mini Food Keychains

From ¥11.68

Choose from the classic cheeseburger, fillet-o-fish or the glorious golden arches themselves.

Remote Controlled Shark Balloon

From ¥97.25

You're gonna need a bigger boat apartment.

"The Hero Inside" Framed Prints

From ¥47.90

Aspire to greatness with art prints that appeal to the crime-fighting bad ass within all of us.

3D Heart Card

From ¥21.44

Write your honey a note that will seem at least 3 times more thoughtful and romantic because it's on a 3D card.


LED Message Board & Alarm Clock

From ¥41.56

Leave yourself threatening messages to wake up to that will get you up out of bed rather than a boring inspirational one.

Plush Hat, Scarf & Gloves


Just grab one thing on your way out the door, rather than three.

Electric Tooth Whitener


Whiten your teeth, subtly.

Potato Chip Backpack


Make it really authentic by making sure it's always at least 70% filled with air.

Romantic Fake Feces Gift


Love stinks.