The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 47th Edition

Dog Protective Goggles


For the dog that loves running outside and picking up babes at the dog park.

Mustache Pacifier


For the new man in your life.

Darth Vader Toaster


For those of you that like toast on the darker side.

Ropeless Weighted Jump Rope


Get in a great workout without having to worry about knocking over things or hitting small children with a full length jump rope.


Blackhead Removal Paste

From ¥28.90

So horrifying and satisfying all at once.

Laptop Sleeve With Storage

From ¥39.40

We'll be filling ours up with snacks and candy.

Facebook Shower Curtain


Relationship status: "It's complicated"

Emergency Underwear Dispenser


Sometimes one pair of underpants simply isn't enough. Update: Unfortunately, the seller has removed this product since the publication of this article.

Spanish Leather Armor


Every girl is looking for a man in shining armor Spanish leather armor.

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