The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 48th Edition

Layered Food Storage

From ¥59.45

Store rice in one compartment, meat and veggies in another and cold hard cash in the top one.

Multi-Function Charging Dock


Your entire life can be spent within striking distance of this charging dock.

Fruit Ukelele


Make music on a watermelon, pineapple or kiwi. As if ukeleles weren't charming enough already!

Feiyue Sneakers


Feiyue is a popular Chinese sneaker brand produced in Shanghai since the 1920s. Shop more styles and colors at the official store.

Embroidered Baseball Caps


'Tis the season to ditch those winter beanies for something a little more shady.

Rainbow Projection Lamp

From ¥36.88

We're still waiting for a pot of gold to appear at the end of it.

How To Get A Girlfriend In 14 Days


Want a girlfriend? All you need to do is purchase this book.

Samurai Suit of Armour


Impress your new girlfriend with some samurai memorabilia and she's guaranteed to stick around.

Fake Finger Hooks


Delight your guests by providing them a finger to hang their coat or bag on. It just screams "come hither".

Swan Hat


It's time to spread your wings and fly.

Submitted by Joe P., Beijing

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