The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 4th Edition

VR ShineCon Virtual Reality Headset


There are two major categories of VR headsets on the market: Affordable options that will attach to a smartphone, and considerably pricier high-end devices that require a powerful gaming PC to deliver optimal experience. We prefer the first option, and the VR ShineCon is a comfier upgrade over Google Cardboard. Watch a video review of the ShineCon.

Superman Muscle Shirt

From ¥58.40

You might think it's lame and nerdy, but you don't get to decide. This is going in Cool. Also this Batman v Superman T-Shirt is pretty sweet.

Tablift Universal Tablet Holder

From ¥643.63

It looks like something out of The Matrix. We're not entirely sure it won't attack you in your sleep.

Sanin Yellow Rice Wine 500ml x6


You haven't experienced China if you haven't gotten drunk on rice wine, and yellow (huang jiu) is way, way easier to drink than white (bai jiu).

"Paul Frank" Sandals


Our legal counsel advised us to put the quotations there in the product name and back away slowly.

Hiraliy A8 Desktop Subwoofer & Speakers


There's really no excuse for using your laptop's built-in speakers when you can get actual speakers this cheap.

The Toilet Mug


Perfect with coffee, hot cocoa or apple juice.

Baby Mop Onesie


Because it's never too early to teach your infant about household cleaning.

Japanese Happy Face Trainer


Since we're on the topic of training our children, we'd like to introduce you to the Happy Face Trainer. We can only assume the surprisingly high product ratings didn't come from the children wearing it.

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