The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 50th Edition

Bird Shooting Alarm Clock

From ¥155.42

You've always resented your alarm clock. Now you have the perfect excuse to shoot it first thing in the morning!

Sand Painting Pendulum

From ¥89.90

This pendulum paints an intricate design in the sand below it. We recommend staring at it meditatively whenever you are stressed out.

Home Manicure Kit

From ¥80.45

Everything you need to give yourself a mani or pedi, including a UV light machine. Glitter optional.

Fashion Kitchen Apron


You might have just used an entire stick of butter in the dish you're cooking, but your body still looks sexy thanks to this awesome apron.

Portable Cutlery Set


Sometimes the plastic cutlery that came with the meal you ordered simply does not cut it (literally).

Make America Great Again Baseball Cap

From ¥18.40

All it takes is the purchase of this hat and selling your soul.

Apple Watch


The ultimate choice for anyone wanting to pursue a more nutritious and active lifestyle.

Scream Silencer


Release your pent up anger and frustration in a healthy way.

Heavy Metal Skull Combat Boots


These boots are made for walkin'... and terrorizing small children.


From ¥11.50

Valentine's Day might be over, but it's never too late to surprise your sweetie with a jar of bugs.

Submitted by Christy H., Shanghai

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