The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 51st Edition

Adjustable Gaming Chair


Enjoy a more comfortable way to game with this multi-functional chair that can be adjusted into many different styles. Quest completed.

Citrus Sprayer


Simply cut the top off a lemon or lime, screw the citrus sprayer into the fruit and spray liberally in marinades, cooked meat or the eyes of your enemies.

Solar Powered Rainbow Maker


Place this groovy contraption in the sun to generate a rainbow kaleidoscope effect sure to brighten both your room and mood.

Hurl A Squirrel Dog Frisbee

From ¥27.74

Your best friend's new best friend.

Creative Seat Cushions

From ¥18.19

You gotta take extra good care of the money maker.

Glass Jars

From ¥18.19

These glass jars are a great place to store grains, spices, pasta and just about anything that'll fit.

Essence of Kangaroo, 6000mg


We're not sure what this does exactly, but we instinctively want to trust it because it's been Photoshopped into a photo with The Rock.

Horse Boots

From ¥1,160.90

The most stylish boots of the season, you'll find them on the runway at Equestrian Fashion Week.

Comfort Yoga Mat & Pillow


They're covered in spikes that stimulate acupressure points, ideally to relieve both pain and stress. But they might just end up causing both...

Moxibustion Headgear


"For all those times you feel the need to make sure you resemble a Jiffy Pop."

Submitted by Kate M., Suzhou

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