The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 52nd Edition

Fun Advent Calendar


100 Dishes to Eat, 100 Places to Visit, 100 Movies to Watch and 100 Things to Do.

Pirate Bottle Opener


For all ye functioning alcoholics.

Magnetic Hourglass


Time flies when you're having fun watching the time go by.

Plastic Dishware

From ¥10.32

They're cheap, microwavable and won't shatter into a million pieces if you drop them (two words: kitchen frisbee).

Elephant Nap Pillow

From ¥37.40

It meets the top two reasons to buy something: (1) cute and (2) cuddly.

Laptop Sleeve With Storage

From ¥39.40

More stuff to put more stuff in.

Nicholas Cage Pillow


As if you could get any sleep snuggled up to this bad boy all night long...

Isopod Phone Case


What's the opposite of being jealous of someone else's phone?

Bottle of Fart


The ultimate revenge...

Fake Skin Tattoo Cover-Up


"Fake skin to cover that tattoo that's not so cool anymore. Or for that job interview. Or when meeting your mother in law!"

Submitted by Justine G., Shanghai

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