The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 5th Edition

The Ostrich Pillow


Clearly this was made for Monday mornings at the office.


High-Grade Poker Chips Silver Box Sets

From ¥83.60

If you get the poker set, they will come. Friends, that is. At least that's what I keep telling myself.


BOBOO! Bluetooth Speaker


With water-resistant suction power, it's the singing shower companion you never knew you needed.


Retro Souvenir Ceramic Cups

¥21.44 (¥13.44 for each additional)

Stock up on these for when you need a China-themed gift in a pinch.


Hippo Body Pillow

Starting at ¥16.61

There are thousands more stuffed animals at super affordable prices.


Adjustable Dumbbells (Guy Not Included)

Starting at ¥53.15

There are loads of workouts you can do in your own home with a simple pair of dumbbells. Or so I'm told.


Fat Girl Sixpack


If you're not going to get the dumbbells, maybe this'll work? Fat Girl Sixpack is actually an American product. I've spent more time than I care to share trying to figure out if it actually works. Survey says...not really.


Magic Vanishing Champagne


All this time you thought you might be an alcoholic - turns out you're just a magician.


Naughty Pig & Orangutan Ornaments


The seller describes these as "European Style". In a good way, though, right?