The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 67th Edition

Rainbow Refraction Cup


Let the wonderful phenomenon of refraction transform this cup into a magical rainbow after you pour water into it.

One-Color Puzzle


This is a great way to instill yourself with discipline and concentration skills. Many will go insane before they ever come close to completing it...

Pet Treat Launcher


If you can't get your pet up off the couch to exercise, at least get them to jump up for a treat. (This doesn't work on significant others or roommates, sorry!)

Narrow Storage Shelf


It's made for the tiny, cramped kitchens and bathrooms so many of us live with.

Cute Japanese Fruit Post-It Notes


It's impossible to ignore a reminder when it's written on such cute paper!

Wonder Woman Accessories

From ¥20.60

Choose from belts, keychains, rings and more. They're perfect for every day use, or when you're stepping out for a late night crime fighting spree.

World War II Tank Replica


Set it up in the yard, and don't let anyone tell you that you're too old to be playing soldier.

Face-Lifting & Firming Mask


Nothing to say here. This product is going to sell itself!

Astral Projection Lessons


Can't get a day off work? Try leaving your physical body and traversing the universe!

Got a cool, cheap or crazy product find of your own? Submit it to for a chance for it to be featured in our next CCC as the Customer Find of the Week! If we choose to feature your submission, you'll be the lucky recipient of a 50 RMB voucher.