The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 6th Edition

Lego DIY Coffee Mug


So you can drink your coffee, then use the energy boost to play with Legos instead of actually being productive.


Gigantic Minimalist Wall Clock

From ¥84.61

It looks like something a Bond villain would have on his wall. We're pretty sure the "7" is a deadly weapon.


Zoyo Magnetic Putty

From ¥38.45

Stretchable, bounceable, moldable, tearable, magnetic and all-around fascinating putty.


Xinjiang Red Raisins, 1kg


We've been snacking on these all week!


Candy-Colored Business Card Holder


A business card holder is something every professional should own, but one of those things you never get around to buying. Browse more business card holders.


Heart United Frameless Painting Prints

Starting at ¥14.09

We're cheating a bit with this one, as it is a seller rather than a product. The folks at Heart United have over 200 prints at super low prices, so you can beautify your home without breaking the bank.


"Little Honey" ¥10 Million Cat


Also requires Prada cat food and Gucci litter.


Semen Detection Gadget


They advertise this as the best way to discover whether or not your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you. But if you'd go so far as to buy something like this, it's probably time for a conversation with your man.