The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 73rd Edition

Inverted Water Dispenser Rack

From ¥48.95

And you thought that you live under constant pressure...

Portable Mini Pet Video Camera

From ¥28.79

Strap it to your pet to see the world through their eyes. Or secretly attach it to your drunk friend yelling "Let's hit the clubs!" at 3am.

Watermelon Tapping Kit


The watermelon keg has hit the internets by storm this year. Try it for yourself!

Vodka Trilogy


The less you can read on the bottle, the better. (Also goes well poured in the watermelon keg pictured above.)

Happyness Macbook Air Charger


iPhone chargers are a dime a dozen these days, but we've yet to find an amazing deal on Macbook chargers... until now.

BOGO Matcha Powder, 100g


2 for the price of 1! Use healthy, versatile matcha powder to whip a wide variety of deliciousness, including lattes, soups, pancakes and more.

Couple's Counseling Services


Backed by a team of "professional psychologists", this service will help you woo your crush, or communicate and solve problems between you and your partner.

Harry Houdini Signature Set


For his final trick, Houdini is going to make your money disappear.

Fish Fossils In Limestone


Like a fine wine, these fish fossils only get better with age. Pass it down to your grandchildren in lieu of a trust fund. They'll thank you later.

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