The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 7th Edition

The Aladdin Lamp


It's a LED lamp, bluetooth speaker, FM radio and alarm clock all in one. You know the first thing you want when you wake up is dance music and disco lights.


Zodiac Shot Glasses

From ¥247.40

Your daily horoscope: drink.


Puzlook Lens Effects Shell

From ¥730.40

Telephoto, wide-angle and fisheye lens effects clip onto your iPhone and slide into position. Very kewl.


Mic Mak French Macaroons Gift Box


Normally priced around ¥400, the seller tells us this discount will last until the current inventory runs out.


Arruda Phone 3D Magnifying Projection Screen


While we generally don't condone watching flicks on tiny screens (unless you're on a plane), if you're gonna do it, at least now you can do it right.

Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin


It's a Tmall verified seller, and about half what you'd pay on certain not-to-be-named alcohol delivery websites.


Durex Condoms Fake Chocolate Gift


Looks like chocolate, but open each one up and there's a condom inside. Because what romance needs chocolate when you've got the promise of safe sex, right kids?


Unicorn Tears Chain Purse


Imbibe yourself on the tears of a truly majestic mythical creature. Nothing can stop you.