The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 84th Edition

This shelf fits inside one of your books, making it look like they are floating on air and that you actually read books.

Data Cable Bracelet

From ¥28.79

May your phone live long and prosper! This fashionable bracelet opens into a handy data cable that you can use to recharge wherever you go.

Kohler Bidet

From ¥2,841.95

A throne fit for royalty.

These gloves are so warm, you won't need to wear a shirt with them.

Bring some holiday cheer to your home, without the hassle of cleaning up pine needles.

These lights give off a lovely glow that will keep you warm at night when your heater just isn't powerful enough.

Astronaut Spacesuit


It's time for a visit to the final frontier! Transportation not included.

Do you feel old yet?

Fake Tongue

From ¥15.88

Got something mean to say? Hold your tongue.

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