The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 8th Edition

Official Star Wars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


A few CCCs back, we featured the Moxo levitating speaker, which is virtually the same product (even the price is identical). But we just had to include the new Death Star edition. Just look at it!


Dewang 3D Printer Pen

From ¥303.05

No good at drawing? Buy it as a gift and watch an artistically-inclined friend have a field day with this thing.


Visenta Recon Foldable Wireless Mouse

From ¥164.45

This mouse can lay flat or be bent and folded as you please. Gnarrrr.

Enmex Futuristic Luminous Watches


The kind of watch that makes you wonder why people continue to spend thousands of dollars on watches that look and function virtually the same as all other watches.


Vinda Paper Towels, 10 Rolls


Paper towels are always extremely overpriced. Beat the system!


Umbrella Water Pistol


At ¥5.78 for each additional, get a bunch of these and go to the park with some friends who appreciate a good old fashion water fight.


Fake Girlfriend, Apologizing, Comforting, Pranking & Other Phone Call Service

¥9.05 to 9,458

This phone service comes with 10 different options, not all of which make sense. But from what we gather, the services include:

  1. Urging you to sleep before 11pm

  2. Revealing your true feelings to someone

  3. Apologizing to someone

  4. "Super cute girls" to chat with you

  5. Calls that help you escape from responsibility

  6. Prank calls

  7. Calling your parents and pretending to be your girlfriend

Most of these services are around ¥15 per call, but there's one mystery option that costs ¥9,458. Unless it's a call from your future self warning you of impending doom, we're pretty sure it ain't worth it.