The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 93rd Edition

There's no reason to ever go back to reality.

Fill this cookbook with all of your secret family recipes, with photos and reviews. Includes handy conversion charts and cooking tips!

Homemade Pizza Kit

From ¥30.89

Have a pizza making party and use whatever toppings you want. Get creative, get weird.

Please note that this does not include a bottle of wine, but it will make the (cheap) wine you brought to the party look a lot classier.

Mortar & Pestle

From ¥21.44

Use it to grind spices and herbs, crush fresh garlic and chili peppers and step up your kitchen game in a major way.

Clean your makeup brushes, you animal!

Seductive and warm. What's not to love?

Pay ¥18.50 for someone to tell you to go see a veterinarian.

Make sure your body is looking nice and shapely when you emerge from the full body sleeping bag in the spring.

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