The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 94th Edition

Quill & Ink Gift Box

From ¥55.25

Are you always chewing on the ends of pens? Try a quill pen; you won't want to nibble on a feather. Also includes a kit for putting your own wax seal on a letter.

This small, yet powerful speaker comes with a kit that allows you to rig it up to your bicycle or backpack so you can add a soundtrack to your everyday activities.

The model for this product was so comfortable their body floated away and only their warm, massaged feet remained.

The most delicious and addicting snack, with almost 63k reviews on Taobao.

Ceramic Golf Mug


It's time for tee.

5 thrilling shapes of eggs for those of you who like to live life on the edge.

Not much to go off of here, other than that the product claims to make your wife happier, and make her love you more.

Hot Pot Barbie

From ¥22.70

Hot Pot Barbie is here to class things up and make your hot pot experience truly something special.

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