The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 96th Edition

All the fun you had as a kid, but now you can combine it with candles, jazz and a bottle of wine.

The pen holder of choice for any modern day anarchist.

Let's be honest, kids aren't the easiest travel companions. This suitcase provides them with a cute seat that will (hopefully) make them leave you alone for a while.

When you think of Chinese beer is Tsingtao the only thing that comes to mind? Broaden your horizons with this assortment of delicious craft beers from all over China.

Cultural Revolution meets aliens. This science fiction masterpiece is the first Chinese book to win the Hugo award, and was written by one of China's most renowned modern day authors.

You'll hate it at first, but you will eventually learn to love the way it makes your body feel. Just like tequila, or going to bed early on a weekend.  Single ball options available.

How many licks does it take... until you are screaming in agony?

What are the kids into these days? Apparently a game that involves having a toilet spray water in your face.

Pour a heaving spoonful into whatever you're cooking to make it taste better, and ask questions later.

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