The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 97th Edition

Monster meets Mr. Potato Head meets Rubik's Cube. Now all puzzle cubes just seem lame in comparison.

Build your very own smart phone projector for your next adult slumber party.

Send customized messages to each other at any time! It's the perfect gift for any couples doing long-distance or that live closeby but have separation anxiety.

It's time for a block party.

Don't blame us if someone gets confused by these socks and tries to gnaw on your feet. We're in China, after all!

If your child's first word was "iPad" you better buy this quickly before it's too late.

We have fallen head over heels for these dangerously sexy shoes.

Putting the "balls" in stress balls. Stick them under your desk for a quick squeeze whenever you're feeling stressed and feel the tension melt away!

Chow down on this to make you stronger and improve your love life.

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