The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 99th Edition

Use this pen to write poetry for your lover, and then use it to slay your enemies.

Choose from a White Walker, Batman, Captain America and a wide selection of other hotties.

Custom Stamp Making Kit

From ¥107.74

Boys have swag. Men have style. Gentlemen have class. But you... you have personalized stamps.

This super badass case comes with Tetris built right into it and working buttons, sound effects and vibrations.

Mini Air Hockey Table

From ¥123.50

The thrill and excitement of air hockey, without the hassle. However, you'll probably have to make the sound effects with your mouth.

Unzip a tasty beverage with this unique bottle opener that will display nicely on your fridge.

Inflatable Electric Car

From ¥407.00

They see me rollin'... inflatin'...

Moxibustion Eyewear

From ¥26.90

Cleanse your eyes of impurities, and try not to knock anything over as you hobble around your apartment.

A great way to kill some time and slowly drive yourself insane.

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