The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 9th Edition

Onefire Body Motion Sensor Light


Stick it on the wall of your bathroom or any other place you might tiptoe to during the night, and it'll automatically light your way. Isn't that lovely?


Iron Man Desk Lamp

From ¥90.95

There are lamps for the other Avengers as well, but we all know Iron Man is the best.


The Jellyfish Lamp

From ¥47.90

Fortunately it isn't an actual jellyfish, trapped inside of your lamp, watching you sleep, waiting.


Telescopic Desktop Bookshelf


If you've got books or trinkets lying around, get one of these little bookshelves and give them a proper place to sit.

Set of 5 Suction Cup Soap Holders


Now all you need are five little bars of soap.


Kmoso Universal Tablet Pen


You could spend about ¥600 on Apple's Pen, or 10% of the price on the Kmoso, which does basically the same thing. #shotsfired


Bruce WIllis' Head


It's about the size of your palm. No word yet on whether he'll vanquish your enemies when you're in a jam. 


Suggestive T-Shirt


Not one for the timid to wear out.


Infrared Remote-Controlled Tarantula


We were a little disturbed by the jellyfish lamp...but this. This is the stuff of nightmares.