The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 106th Edition

The moment you've all been waiting for!

You don't need to do anything illegal to trip out. You just need to put on a pair of these sunglasses and walk around outside for a couple hours.

Sailor Moon Power Bank

From ¥121.40

It's time to be the champion of justice with your very own crystal star power bank that opens up to reveal a powerful light!

Because heels look good, but they don't feel good.

It's soft, colorful and cute. It's everything you wish you were.

Find out just how much peanut butter a human being can eat in one sitting before their body turns into peanut butter.

Whatever you do, don't let sunshine touch your skin! It even comes with some small slits near the wrists so you can check your watch without having to risk anything.

Make a trip to your bathroom an unforgettable and slightly creepy experience for anyone that visits.

Set this up in your home, and you will literally get a home run every time you practice.

Cat Washing Bag

From ¥20.90

This cat used to hate baths, but this bag has clearly changed his mind.

Submitted by Erin H., Shanghai

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