The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 116th Edition

DIY Paper Unicorn Mask

From ¥28.25

Like DIY projects? Build your very own badass unicorn mask that thousands of people are raving about.

Robot Smart Suitcase


Unlock it hands free, use it to charge your phone... and when your hands are full with another bag and your boarding pass it will just follow you around!

You'll be the envy of the entire office with a sweet levitating plant. Some may wonder if you are actually a wizard and this is just your day job.

These hyper-realistic mugs include bear, bald eagle and gorilla options. Have yourself a little mug zoo.

Use this handy putty to repair electronic cables, broken handles or just add a bit of extra cushioning where it's needed. See how creative you can get!

Handheld Mini Bag Sealer

From ¥21.74

If you open a snack and don't finish it, use this unique device to seal the bag back up in no time. No more stale snacks!

The perfect size for snacking.

Pineapple Man Costume

From ¥375.50

Pineapple Man!
Pineapple Man!
Does whatever a Pineapple Man does!

DIY Fruit Molds


The modern day Mandrake, without the screaming.

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