The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 117th Edition

This is a preview of what you'll look like after you down the bottle of wine that reindeer is holding... on a Tuesday night.

Dog Backpack

From ¥176.00

Life can get ruff on the road, so stock up your dog's backpack with plenty of snacks and fresh water. Oh, and poop bags.

What do you meme? Game

From ¥21.95

It's basically Cards Against Humanity with memes. Warning: Not for children.

Spontaneous shopping is a real disease that affects billions of people each year. Be prepared for the worst!

It's cute, chic and best of all it will keep all that sweaty hair out of your face.

The perfect cheap gift to bring back for friends and family that don't realize that you live in a normal metropolitan city in China and there aren't any pandas for thousands of kilometers.

Elf Ear Earphones


You can't hear the haters when you're blasting sweet tunes through your elf ear earphones.

Feeling yucky? Rub this aggressively all over your body and feel bright and clean again in seconds.

Puff N Fluff Dog Dryer

From ¥1,095.80

We can't tell who is happier, the little girl or the dog in the photo. Or maybe it's the Baopals staff after we discovered that this product actually exists.

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