The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 118th Edition

Astronaut Ceramic Vase

From ¥22.58

Why don't astronauts relate well to other people? They are not always down-to-earth.

Iron Man 3D Lamp

From ¥152.41

It's perfectly normal to talk to your Iron Man lamp at night and ask it for career advice.

Egg Bouncy Balls

From ¥8.19

It looks like a regular carton of eggs, but it's really a carton of rubber bouncy balls. Have yourself a little fun messing with your roommates!

Pop Culture Magic Mugs

From ¥23.00

These mugs are mathematically proven to make you a cooler person.

Creative Tea Strainer

From ¥21.83

Choose from over 25 styles of tasteful tea strainers. You can cut open a bag of Lipton and pour it on top and people will assume that it's fancy.

Double up with some extra protection and wave your arms freely around without feeling awkward about the massive pit stains that are usually there all summer long.

Live Tarantula


You can buy nightmares online now.

Sexy Lighters

From ¥19.56

These lighters are pretty darn sexy that we can't post the original photo.

Just in case you forgot. Seriously.

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