The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 11th Edition

Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper

This ain't your typical Lego set. It's an authentic replica of the classic 1962 Volkswagen Camper Van, from the opening "splittie" safari windshield to the air-cooled flat four cylinder boxer engine. All told it's 1,332 pieces!

Wooden Animal Bluetooth Speakers

At first glance, it's a nice little phone holder, but flip it around and it's a nifty bluetooth speaker as well. Hazaah!

Tea Kettle & Tray

Connects to your phone via app and automatically pours your tea on command or at predetermined times, refills when empty, and wakes you up when your morning tea is ready. It's like having your own butler!

Todov Men's Polarized Sunglasses

Summer's almost here, and Baopals has thousands of sunglasses to protect your eyes and hide your sins from the previous night.

Fun Animal Plush Chairs for Kids

Giraffe, and the world giraffes with you. Sheep, and you sheep alone.

Crossway Jump Rope with Built-In Counter

Quick Jump Rope Workout

50x regular jumping

50x side to side

50x forward and backward

50x boxer shuffle (two on left foot, two on right foot)

20x double jumps

30 secs as fast as you can

3.4 Meter Tall Plush Bear

It also comes in sizes from 1 to 2.6 meters, but when there's a 3.4 meter bear available, you take that option every time.

Ceramic Mouth Ashtray

This just feels wrong.

Prank Props Fun Things Strange Creative Toys Whole Person Funny Evil Simulation Wooden Eggs

I kept the direct English translation in this one because it's part of the fun. These are just wooden eggs that look like real eggs. But based on the picture, apparently it's super fun to label the eggs with reminders of financial pressures we all face?

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