The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 120th Edition

Light-Up Dreamcatcher

From ¥25.94

Prevent bad dreams with a beautiful dreamcatcher that lights up so bad spirits are sure not to miss it.

Because there’s no telling what kind of hidden technology the Wakandans have put into their computer mouse.

Cloud Ceiling Lamp

From ¥171.80

Perfect for someone that always has their head in the clouds, or anyone with a penchant for interior design!

Wood Ring Paint Kit

From ¥2.89

Try out nature's canvas with some hand painted colorful wood rings that will look classy hung up around your home or used as coasters.

Additive-Free Almonds

From ¥26.99

The perfect snack, rich in fiber and protein. We're just nuts about it.

Stackable Cube Box

From ¥25.10

The best thing about stackable furniture is that it can be as big or small as you want it to be. This can come in handy in the apartment you rented that appears to shrink more every day.

It's just missing a princess that doesn't know how to wear shoes correctly.

Because your ancestors gotta look good too.

The seller claims they are good luck charms. If your life is going really poorly right now we suppose it's worth a shot!

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