The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 122nd Edition

Manic Panic Vegan Hair Dye

If you want to adopt a funkier look without fully committing, this dye will only last up to a month so you can hide it from your Mom when she comes to visit.

Electronic Bunny Ears

These bunny ears have gone viral on Chinese social media, and hundreds of thousands have been sold as a result. Join the bunny army!

Children's Dinosaur Hoodie

Why do the kids get all of the cool clothes while we are stuck with boring "grown-up" clothes?

Soothing Gel Eye Mask

Our eyes go through a lot of strain throughout the day, so treat them to a soothing mini spa day to thank then for their hard work.

Japanese Pancake Mix

Few things are better than fresh pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or when you get the "drunchies" at 2am.

Hungry Zombie Slippers

Their favorite thing to eat is brains, but they'll settle for your feet too.

Full Body Metal Detector

"Hey TSA, I've skipped the security line because I already scanned myself before I got to the airport."

Sexy Fish Socks

Experience the feeling of being a beautiful mermaid, but one that can actually walk. How convenient!

Meaty Sweatshirt

You'll have lots of hungry eyes on you as you walk around town in your delicious sweatshirt. Few will be able to resist you.

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