The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 123rd Edition

Lao Gan Ma Sweatshirt

A hot item in New York's Fashion week retailing for $120, “national diva” appears in Chinese and “sauces queen” in English on the sleeves. The front is none other than the OG hot sauce mama herself.

Hot Dog Pet Bed

Have you ever seen anything more adorable in your entire life?

Xiaomi 2S Air Purifier

You know what's cool? Breathing clean air at home! This latest model from Xiaomi pairs up with an app that allows you to see live updates of the air quality and how much life is left on your filter.

Etman Universal Outlet Convertor

Stay powerful wherever you go!

Collapsible Disk Rack

If you don't have enough room in a cramped kitchen for a dish rack, this handy product lets you (or your ayi) create one over the sink whenever needed.

Egg On A Stick

All you need to do is add a beaten egg, and whatever meat or veggies you want! It comes highly recommended by many a broke college student.

Monkey 2-Piece Clothing Set

Sexy, mysterious and chic. This clothing set is none of those things.

Printed Sleep Mask

Trick your enemies into thinking you never sleep with this elegant sleep mask. It's also good to use in class when you don't want to get caught sleeping by your professor.

Gigantic Mooncake

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming up soon, and if you know what's good for you you're going to want to pick up their largest size (4 meters wide) for the occasion!

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