The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 126th Edition

LED Glowing Data Cable

This cord makes it seem like you can see the files or energy literally flowing into your phone. Pretty cool if you ask us.

Los Pollos Hermanos Shirt

"The finest ingredients are brought together with love and care, then slow cooked to perfection. One taste, and you'll know."

New-Bring Multi-Functional Keychain

It's got everything you need to make it through a busy day...keys, USB and of course a bottle opener.

Eyeball Candy

Perfect for Halloween, or keep some on your desk year round and eat them without breaking eye contact with your coworkers.

Cocoa & Matcha Powder Set

Ready to step up your baking game? Try a matcha or cocoa treat and put away the Betty Crocker mix.

Plumbing De-Clogging Agent

If you have long hair or live with someone that does, you know how strands of hair somehow get everywhere. They especially like to clog up your drain and stink up your bathroom.

Bakblade 2.0 Body Shaver

If this is already the 2.0 version we don't even want to know what 1.0 looked like.

Inflatable Poop Emoji Costume

Do you ever just feel like a piece of sh*t?

Sexy Body Pillow

Your new best friend. Maybe your only friend.

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