The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 12th Edition

Breakfast Sandwich Maker


It doesn't appear to get much easier than this to get delicious food in your belly.

Mini Potted Plants Air Purifier


This mega-popular desktop air purifier comes with a potted plant (starting as seeds) that fits in the top and grows while keeping your air clean.

Beon Half Helmet


This sleek iPhone 6 case has a built-in stand - perfect for giving your arm a rest during long FaceTime calls back home.

Chilean Wine Set


Five bottles of imported Chilean wine, plus a few accessories, at this price? Wine not!

Kaien Resistance Bands

From ¥39.50

You don't need an expensive gym membership to get your summer body. Resistance bands are a super effective way to build muscle and overall health.

Shanghai Fridge Magnets

From ¥12.16

Buy a 30 pack of these fridge magnets when you go back home and you'll have gifts for all those acquaintances you wouldn't otherwise have gifts for!

Creepy Spider Earring


Our second spider entry in the CCC (you might remember the remote-controlled tarantula). Might want to add this to your Halloween wish list!

Carrot Headphones



Over 50,000 pairs sold! Get yours and don't carrot all what people say. 

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