The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 130th Edition

Lightweight Electric Bike

All the speed and style of a scooter, without the risk of getting a ticket from the po-po.

USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

Batteries you can recharge with a USB! Thank you, science.

Rose Cleansing Facial Mousse

It's soft, fluffy, and smells and looks like a rose...why wouldn't you want this all over your face?

Nestle Hot Chocolate Powder, 900g

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Retro Notebook With Lock

Your secrets are safe now.

Patterned Wrapping Paper

Unicorn wrapping paper is appropriate for any situation (and we mean any). Available in 8 other fun prints!

2000ml Thermos

You might claim to love hot water, but only true fans will carry one of these around at all times.

Chinese Snack Food Pillows

Hungry? Sleepy? Try a Chinese Snack Food Pillow.

Creepy Rabbit Floatie

What would you do if this thing came alive and started crawling towards you?

Creative Dinosaur Lunchbox

We thought we were too old to carry around a lunchbox until we saw this bad boy.

- Submitted by Lizz M., Chengdu

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