The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 132nd Edition

Giraffe Chair

You might not ever get to fulfill your dream of riding on a giraffe, but this is the next best thing.

Retro Candle Warmer

"I love candles and this was a recommendation from a friend. This lamp melts the wax of candles so the scent can permeate an area but unlike lighting the candles with fire, these candles can be used for months on end. [...]" - the Rardy

Kodak Mini Shot Camera & Printer

With a camera, you can preview the photo but you can't print it. With an instant camera, you can print the photo but you can't preview it. That's why you need one of these!

To-Do List Notepad

Let this notepad bring a little structure into your fragile life.

Potted Ivy Plant

Minimal care required, for all of you irresponsible plant owners out there.

Unstable Unicorns Game

Play the bestselling game that combines destruction and unicorns.

Finger Lights

A long, elegant plastic glove someone might use to clean a toilet...with lightbulbs delicately placed at the end of each fingertip.

LED Butterfly Sandals

There is a lot going on with these sandals. There's fur, rhinestones, fake pearls, bedazzled butterflies...oh and some LED lights.

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