The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 133rd Edition

Triple Threat Scooter Rain Guard

Perfect for the entire family!

Harry Potter Mug

Chances are you know a teacher in China that loves Harry Potter. Buy them this if you want them to love you forever.

Zen Incense Holder

Stare at it for hours, and forget about all of your responsibilities!

Taco Rack

Your life is hard enough already. You shouldn't have to deal with crushed tacos.

Hanging Moth Repellent

If you love your sweaters, the local moths probably do too.

ELEFT Shoe Insoles

"I love these! Cushioning in three areas really makes a difference and a have a high arch so that bridge support is heavenly!"
- pitibean

Circumcision Surgery Videos

Gather your loved ones together and pop this up on the big screen for a night to remember.

Nicholas Cage Sweater

Because one photo of Nicholas Cage on a sweater is simply not enough.

Yoda Platform Heels

There are a lot of bandwagon Star Wars fans out there...this is what separates the real ones from the fakes.

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